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Sassy, Spicy, & Sweet!

Mimi is not your average baker, she is edgy, spontaneous, adventurous, wild & very creative!


These are the characteristics that make Mimi's Cookiez stand alone & different from your ordinary cookies.


Each recipe is uniquely inspired & created by Mimi's adventurous attitude & daring persona.

Mimi started baking at a very young age. She grew up, engaged in different hobbies & activities, but she ALWAYS had a passion for baking & putting a smile on people’s faces! That’s her happy place.


Upon her pursuit in life of a career in the professional world, something was always lacking.  She always felt like her true passion for baking was calling.


One day, Mimi decided it was time to throw down on the baking sheets & embrace her gift to put a smile on the faces of those lucky enough to consume her baked goods.


Their reactions spoke to her & concluded it was time to spread the love.

She took a leap of faith, an apron, & a slew of ingredients & invested everything she had in her talent.


Her skills, her passion, & her lifelong dream as a baker. She added a little sass, a little spice, and a whole lot of sweet to her cookies. And you guessed it... she unleashed that sass, spicy, & sweetness behind Mimi's Cookiez, & Viola, Mimi's Cookiez was born!!

The mission to show the world how their stresses could melt away in a single bite of one of her indulgent cookies and sweets was underway! With a unique variety & flavor profile, Mimi has been able to wow just about every person that tastes her delectable cookies & desserts.


Mimi takes such pride in her brand & in each of her delicious cookies. With every scrumptious bite, you get a taste of flavor exploding in your mouth, activating your dormant taste buds & making you crave more.

Since her launch, Mimi has been taken back by the overwhelming positive feedback & response she has received from her customers.  She is truly humbled as she takes such pride in her brand & in each of her delicious cookies! Try Mimi’s Cookiez so you too can taste & feel the love & passion that goes into her yummy cookies and treats!

Baked with love,

Mimi's Cookiez

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